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Setoff Assisted Living is a Company that provides high standard of Supported &Assisted Living Accomodation and Services to Young Adults( 16-18 year olds) Our mission is simple!We Aim to setoff the young adult in the right direction by providing a conducive environment to develop life skills that help them to transit to independent living or adult care. We are LONDON based but our services also cover the following areas SWINDON,BIRMINGHAM, COVENTRY ,READING and WALSALL For inquiries, access to our services, or more information, please visit our facility or call us on +447876720793.

Well-Trained Staff

We recognise the importance of having top-quality staff at every position in the company. That’s why, no matter the type or stage of the service, our clients will have their needs met by well trained staff who are ever-ready to help them.How do we do this? We have a rigorous recruitment and hiring process, which has enabled us to boast of the best teams in our service areas.We are consistently on the lookout for talent, and we subject every applicant to the same rigorous recruitment processes to ensure that the best will be employed.Our staff supports the the young adult with the following issues ,but not limited to :LEARNING DIFFICULTIES,MENTAL DIORDER/SELFHARM,DRUG /SUBSTANCE MISUSE PTSD ,GANG AFFILIATIONS,CRIMINAL, ADD,PD ADHD,CSE ,CONDUCT DISORDER DYSPRAXIA ,SEXUALISED BEHAVIOUR LEAVING CARE and much more!

Compassionate, Effective Care

Our system aims to deliver a high quality cost effective service that is tailored to the needs of the young person. We promote and maintain relationships that mentor the young person and help them develop self esteem,identity,self respect and care for their wellbeing.We ensure that the young adult has personalised care and attention that promotes independence by involving them in making informed choices about their care while working closely with family,social care professionals and other agencies. In addition we have a core principle that endeavours to provide a non discriminatory service that takes into account, privacy ,dignity respect,cultural,religious and or spiritual needs.Our services are evaluated on ongoing basis and are adjusted accordingly to meet the the ever changing needs of our clients!We support our service users with ,but not limited to the following: ACCOMODATIION-which has easy access to transport,shops ,entertainment/leisure and healthcare facilities PERSONAL WELLBEING-hygiene needs,maintaining a clean and safe environment,emergency management.. FINANCIALLY-bugeting,bill paying and saving HOUSING-Independent access to tenancy /Council access NUTRITIONAL NEEDS-Food Shopping,preparation and advice on healthy choices HEALTHCARE NEEDS ie registrations,access and appointment attendance SOCIAL INTERGRATION &LESUIRE ACTIVITIES EDUCATION,TRAINING and EMPLOYMENT advice SEXUAL HEALTH and maintenance of healthy relationships. If you have an issue( s) you need taken care of, please let us know, and we will be more than glad to help!


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